Geek day

Been doing silly things with computers today. I left a rubbish laptop at my mom’s before in the hopes she would use it to do her shopping and stuff, but she never used it. In fairness, it wasn’t like she knew how. Before I brought it to her, I wiped it and put a fresh install of one of the smaller, more complicated versions of Linux on it. To counteract the fact that it was melting.
I don’t mean it was just really hot. I mean it had been running hot for years already and wouldn’t stay on for more than 20 minutes at a time. Installing Linux counteracted that somewhat, since it was no longer being run ragged for no good reason by Windows vista. Still, I kept the heat monitor running the whole time I was messing with it, and even when it was connected to the internet it never ran hotter than 75 degrees, which is nearly a 20 degree improvement.
The Internet was the main problem today. After 8 years of smelting itself, something had finally gave way, and it was no longer picking up wifi signals. I burned a good half hour tapping things into the terminal, but no luck on that front. Not only that, but my mom’s only access to the Internet is through her phone. I hacked it in the end though! When I realised I could do wired tethering from my phone, I plugged it in, and eventually figured a way to get this dinosaur of a laptop to accept an Internet signal through the usb port!
As I was typing up a .txt to explain to my mom how to do it in just two terminal commands(after installing stuff via terminal to ease the way), I realised that this is exactly the sort of excitement kids must have got out of figuring this stuff out 20 years ago, before we had anything more flashy than text browsers. This is when I’m happiest messing about with a computer, getting it to do stuff it definitely wasn’t designed to do. On top of finishing building a new website today, I’m feeling a deep connection to my inner tech pioneer. I know it’s not an awful lot to be doing, but I’m figuring it out myself, and to me in that situation, I may as well be the first person ever figuring it out.
The joy of discovery is so dog. Someone buy me a raspberry pi, please.