Stranger In A Strange Band

It’s been a good week to be a musician. Since my last post I’ve written and recorded guitar for a beast of a new song. There’s some troll riffs in there that are a step above my last offering, and, according to Jake, distinctly more Super Mario-esque. But then, disaster! I was doing the nice thing of renaming all the audio to something more helpful for Jake and Jamie to use when Logic was all like ‘You know what? You’ve done enough work today.’ and promptly quit, corrupting its own file in the process. So now I’ve got to stitch all my editing back together. Wonderful. Having to start from the beginning again was a boon in disguise, though, and resulted in making some tasty changes, along with making some new acoustic fluff.

Finished Stranger In A Strange Land. It was an excellent read, tons of fun. I find there’s a lot of pleasure to be had in Sci-Fi out of being a passenger to characters who essentially have god-like powers, in worlds filled with potential. Stranger was very much like Star Trek in that a heroic lead character was merely the front for a progressive rise in the living conditions and powers of the human race, working together. Towards the end, I did feel the lead character was a bit of a Gary Stu, overcoming his difficulties with a gracious wave of a hand, but it was necessary to reach a sensible ending. The real meat of the story is in the secondary characters and their progression into being strangers in their own lands.

Not much more to say for the past three days. I cooked my first casserole, and the big 3 mangas are proceeding awesomely. Oh, and there’s new HPMOR! Can’t wait to dive into that!